Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day Nine

Today was our last full day here and we didn't even know what to do. Granny suggested we "go to Macy's and see if they kick us out." I asked why we would get kicked out and her response was "cause we look like tramps...". I was not expecting that as her response.  She sure keeps things interesting. So we did just that. We walked to Macy's. Tt was three entire buildings (the whole block) with 7 floors. I'm a shopper and it was overwhelming! After exploring all 7 floors we headed to the designer show warehouse, which also happened to be 5 or 6 floors, a girls' paradise. I've never seen so many shoes in one place before! We grabbed a sandwich and then headed to Ross (gong show).  There were way too many people and even more clothes! We hit a few more stores as we went along and then finally decided we couldn't take any more shopping.
I suggested we go down to Fisherman's Wharf the the chocolate place to get a supreme hot fudge sundae. I think the round trip getting there on the cable car and back on the bus took more than two hours. But that sundae.... OMG I can't explain how divine it was!!  So worth the trip!
I think Granny and I are both beat. It's 37 degrees here and with all that walking I know my feet are killing me! Tomorrow we leave bright and early and will be back at home by supper!

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