Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day Nine

Today was our last full day here and we didn't even know what to do. Granny suggested we "go to Macy's and see if they kick us out." I asked why we would get kicked out and her response was "cause we look like tramps...". I was not expecting that as her response.  She sure keeps things interesting. So we did just that. We walked to Macy's. Tt was three entire buildings (the whole block) with 7 floors. I'm a shopper and it was overwhelming! After exploring all 7 floors we headed to the designer show warehouse, which also happened to be 5 or 6 floors, a girls' paradise. I've never seen so many shoes in one place before! We grabbed a sandwich and then headed to Ross (gong show).  There were way too many people and even more clothes! We hit a few more stores as we went along and then finally decided we couldn't take any more shopping.
I suggested we go down to Fisherman's Wharf the the chocolate place to get a supreme hot fudge sundae. I think the round trip getting there on the cable car and back on the bus took more than two hours. But that sundae.... OMG I can't explain how divine it was!!  So worth the trip!
I think Granny and I are both beat. It's 37 degrees here and with all that walking I know my feet are killing me! Tomorrow we leave bright and early and will be back at home by supper!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Day Eight

Today we got up and weren't sure where to start an what to do. Then I suggested being like all the other tourists and going to see the Golden Gate Bridge. So after walking a few blocks, getting on one bus then another and another we finally got to the bridge. Taking a picture just wasn't quite enough so we decided to walk across it. It was a bit of a walk and there was a good breeze out on it. We took lots of pictures although I am sure it will just look like a a bridge to most people. When we got half way granny suggested we walk the whole way and get lunch on the other side. I suggested it didn't look like there was much for food over there but we kept walking. We got to the other side and were hungry but there was no food over there so the only option was to walk back to get food! A good old hot dog never tasted so good.  

We got back on the bus and got half way back and then decided to walk the other half to Fisherman's Wharf with a friendly couple we met on the bus. More strangers! Once there we went back to Ghirardelli, the chocolate place and got more chocolate! It was so good!
We then went to Ripley's Believe It or Not which was so cool and very interesting. Shane and Dad would have loved it! Granny and I had some fun with the illusions and displays. There were small planes made out of match sticks, a life size moose made of nails, a replica of the lizard man - just to man a few. I stood next to a life size replica of the world's largest man.... I barely passed he's knee! It was very interesting and Granny and I took every opportunity to create fun photo ops!
After that excitement was done, we wandered around the streets some more and then headed for some food. We went back to the Irish coffee place. Granny had a beer with a breakfast omelet. We tried to get on a cable car but they were too full so we ended up walking to the bus. We had some issues getting off the bus so we had to back track a few more blocks : )
Once back at the hotel out feet were aching, we were exhausted and so ready to just relax and turn on the tellie. I don't think we will be going far for the rest the night!

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Day Seven

Today started at the crack of dawn, no breaky straight into the car and hoping for the best! Last night we had maps covering the bed, and me - the navigator - sitting in the midst of them trying to use my the Internet while we had it to find a way out of Santa Cruz. Somehow between Google, the maps and my keen sense of direction we got to San Jose. It wasn't all smooth sailing.  There were some issues when Granny was  determined she knew the way but I got us where we were supposed to be! I was even telling the cab driver where the train station was once we dropped the rental car off. Thinking we were plenty early for the Amtrac, we went to buy our tickets. The lady told us we should take a different train as it would take us closer to our destination.  Sweet, except that train left in 4 minutes!!! By the time we got our tickets we were down to 2 or 3 minutes.... So there we were, bags on our backs running in the tunnel trying to make the train! It was like Mexico all over again, Granny behind me yelling "GO!!!" Ha, ha! Oh, we had a laugh once safely seated on the train.
Granny sure has made navigating on this trip interesting! Her internal compass is twisted around that's for sure! She always "feels" like we should go a certain way, then I tell her the way I think we should go (according to the map).  She will consider it momentarily and then carry on her way until she gets really lost and then she will say, "Okay let's try your way!" and bam we are smooth sailing once again! It keeps getting funnier and funnier as we go because I haven't been wrong this entire trip and the more she says she should start listening to me the more we start laughing! At least we can laugh about it. It would be a long trip if we couldn't!
Once we arrived in San Francisco we got to the hostel we had booked a t(or thought we had) to find we did not a reservation. I was kinda disappointed because they had Beer Olympics and Pup Crawls. Sucks I missed out - even though I don't drink. We called around and found we had actually made reservations at a different place a few blocks away. The company we booked through books for several small places in this area. So we eventually found where we were supposed to be, but no beer Olympics ; )
We dropped our stuff and headed out on the street in search of whatever came our way. We walked around, took the trolley down to fisherman's wharf and walked around there. We found a chocolate store and so of course we had to stop, with my obsession and all!
Then we found the Irish coffee place Granny had on her list of places we had to hit. The we hopped back on the trolley and headed to Union Square, which turned out to not be as exciting as we thought so we headed back to the motel. By 3 p.m. Granny was complaining she was tuckered right out, so I guess I gotta start taking it easier on her!
We kicked back and watched some Big Bang to wind down the the day and get a few more laughs in!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Day Six

 I started the day off with some early morning yoga, which I quite enjoyed. Then had some breaky, showered and hit the road again.
A couple hours later we made it to our destination, zip lining in the redwoods! What a hoot! We couldn't have asked for better guides - two decent looking fellas with great senses of humor! I don't think we stopped laughing the entire time! So much fun! I love having a Granny that will zip line with me without hesitation!
The best pictures of the adventure are on my camera (not my phone which what I am typing all my posts on!) but these will give you a hint of the fun we had despite the fact that they are a little on the fuzzy side.

We found our way to Santa Cruz where we will plop our stuff for the night and then find some form of transportation to San Francisco tomorrow! I had a great deep fried meal and a chocolate sundae! Talk about heaven ; ) I'm on holiday from my healthy lifestyle. Our plan is to kick back and relax for the rest of the night! I wonder what adventures lie ahead of us!? I guess we will soon find out!

Day Five

The drive to Elsalen in Big Sur was quite the wavy ocean side drive. Amazing view all the way along it but a narrow windy road for sure. Driving with Granny has been quite the adventure in and of itself! It consists of several moments where she will claim "we shouldn't be headed north!!" And then I'll ask, "Did you see a sign that said we were!?" "Well no, it just feels like we are going north" she'll answer.  Even after I assure her that on the map and the last road signs I saw it said we were headed south, she claims her "internal compass" is disagreeing. She will follow my instructions though on the mere fact that I haven't got her lost yet. Good thing we can both laugh about it and not get cranky or frustrated with each other!

On the way to Elsalen we stopped at at Pfiefer park, one location that has the giant redwoods. We took a two mile hike through the redwoods to see a six foot waterfall. The trees were a sight to see as they are quite a bit larger than the ones we have back home. Several times on our little hike Granny wanted to quit, but I wouldn't allow it. Once we got to the falls, there was a friend waiting for us, a rattle snake. He was curled up in the rocks by the path, which was interesting to see.
We carried on our way in the wavy ocean side road and finally made to to our destination. Once we dropped our bags in the room we headed out to explore. I am not sure how to describe this place as I have never been on a "personal retreat" before. Our room is a small room with two beds and a small washroom.  Everything here is made out of wood. There was a note on the bed asking us to only use organic body washes, reuse towels as many times as possible and get this - the soap was placed on an actual leaf. I mean I don't mind at all, my friends and family know I have a little earthy/hippy in me! I am really hoping the food is organic as well.

There are several movement classes available here. Granny is at some kind of visualization/breathing one right now. I am planning on going to the morning yoga before breakfast. It is like it's one little community right on the edge of the ocean. There are lots of little buildings for certain classes. There's a mediation place, a couple different ones for yoga and so on. Meals are buffet style in the lodge building. There is a small pool.  There was a naked women suntanning when I walked by so I can tell it's an "anything goes" kinda place. I tried to find my way down to the ocean, but after looking over the edge and seeing the sun reflect off five white bums I decided  that maybe it wasn't so bad that I didn't find my way down.  LOL
I sat in the large open grass area for awhile and enjoyed some sun, quiet and the beautiful view! Supper was delicious pasta and salad, I was so amused at all the strange and interesting people at this place. After supper we walked around a bit more and then we came across some hooks with hoops in the yard. For everyone that knows Granny and has seen her use a hula hoop, it looked just like what you'd imagine.  Granny desperately trying to figure it out but not quite coordinated but giving it her best shot with a big goofy grin on her face! As we were laughing and giggling we talked a fella that was trying to enjoy the view into joining in our hula hoop fun! He turned out to be really good, too! Oops, talked to another stranger.  Sorry, mom.
As the sun went down we got on our suits and headed to the "baths" - what Granny calls hot springs. That were hot yes, and very relaxing. Clothing was optional in these "baths", and although we were the odd ones out we wore our suits! The best part was showering right next the the ocean with only a rail between you and it, under the stars. A day filled with lots of exercise and awesome views, yet oh so relaxing! More great days to come I am sure!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day Four

The hotel might have had character but it sure didn't have high class mattresses. Got a few hours of sleep and rose early to walk along the coast. Had coffee and hot chocolate with the last of our muffins from home. Packed up and were on the road by 8 a.m.
After getting lost a few times we finally got on the highway and thought we were in for some smooth sailing. Ah, until we got to Carmel where the highway was shut down for the Big Sur marathon. So in the spirit of going with the flow, we are hanging out here till we can get back on the highway and head to Big Sur!  We won't have any internet connection after we leave here so will post in a few days!


Saturday, 27 April 2013

Day Three

Last night's sleep was a rocky one but we could at least lay down. Being on the top bunk was a little scary at times and I was sure glad I attached the safety net last night, as it didn't take long for me to discover its purpose! I couldn't help but snicker out loud as I thought of mom on the top bunk of a small cubical with the roof only a foot from your face. I knew for sure she would've been claustrophobic, getting all hot and flustered!
We met another couple of very pleasant and friendly ladies over breakfast and chatted with the one for a good part of the morning! Sorry ma we are talking to every stranger we meet! And we have met some interesting ones! I am trying to keep track of everyone's names as we go!
We decided this morning not to get off in our original destination of San Jose and carrying on to Salinas, this was due to Granny's fear of getting out of San Jose. We decided to head closer to where our next destination by train!

Upon arriving in Salinas we rented a car and managed to get ourselves out of the city. Our journey took us to Pebble Beach, but our visit was short and sweet as it wasn't what we expected. So we then found our way to Pacific Groove. It is a cute character town with all old beach style houses. We hadn't planned where we were staying for the night but after walking around the small downtown we found a motel and checked in! It is right on the edge of the coast called Lovers' Point (Granny and I got a giggle out of that)! Most people are here for weddings or a weekend get away, but here Granny and I are just winging it! 
The hotel has character as well but is clean and so we have set up camp for the night. We can't figure out how to use the TV and they claim to have wifi but that is catch and go at the best!
We went to the famous burger joint in town for an early supper and man was that ever satisfying! Most of you know about my obsession with a good old burger so I quite enjoyed my patty with only ketchup! After dinner, Granny and I walked the coast enjoying the view and having no worries of where we needed to be or who was watching us! We took goofy pictures of each other and laughed as we strolled with not a care in the world.

 Once back at our motel I jumped in the shower and had a well needed and enjoyable hot shower, the first since we left! It is only I write this but I think we are both about ready to hit the sheets. Tomorrow afternoon we are off to Big Sur! No technology there so may not be posting for a couple days!